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"Wangikanlah Hatimu" made it's debut at Konsert 3 Juara last Sunday Night. 
The latest single by Noraniza Idris and Tyka debuted LIVE on Malaysian television during a break between performances.

My peers & I were invited to represent #KelabBloggerBenAshaari for this single debut, held at Sri Pentas 2, Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam.

The song which was said to bring back the "Irama Malaysia" music trend represents Pop , Ethnic and Creative Music all at once.

Not only does it represent so many forms of music, it also incorporates "dikir barat" , "sunda" & "siamese" music forms.
During the Press Conferrence Noraniza Idris said "It has been a long time dream of mine to bring back the melodies of Irama Malaysia. I feel that i am responsible to find, educate and polish the skills of our younger generation"

Tyka in her statement to the media said "She is honoured to have been selected by Noraniza Idris to collaborate on the song"
With the show consisting of wining voices from across Malaysia, the date of the debut could not have been better. It was the perfect ensamble!

A special thanks to Noraniza Idris Production Ventures & Mr. Arol for giving us the opportunity to witness the release first hand.

All in all, i was amazed at the performance and melody of the song. It's been a while since i've heard some truly meaningfull music.

For those of you who are into "Irama Malaysia" , you should listen to this song. Please feel free to click on the video below and enjoy!

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) typically refers to computer technologies that use software to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that replicate a real environment (or create an imaginary setting), and simulate a user's physical presence in this environment. VR has been defined as "...a realistic and immersive simulation of a three-dimensional environment, created using interactive software and hardware, and experienced or controlled by movement of the body"

Those of us who were born before the 90's would remember that back then "Virtual Reality" seemed seemingly impossible, the kind of stuff you would only find in movies. 
Amongst those mind blowing Blockbuster Movies were:
1. The Matrix - 1999
2.The Thirteenth Floor - 1999

I remember telling myself "how i wish this was real" being able to experience first hand an augmented reality without causing any physical damage to one's self.
Who would have thought that such an absurd idea would actually materialize into something really awesome! 

Last weekend, I was invited to experience VR for myself by the folks at VR LAB Malaysia . This Media Preview was held at their BIGGEST branch which is situated at SS2.

After the media registration, we were given a short introduction and briefing by the Owner of VRLAB Malaysia Datin Shireen.

At VR LAB  they feature the HTC VIVE which retails at a whopping RM 13,800.
Those of you who are unfamiliar with the VR scene, Corporations like Sony and HTC have joined the game and are working towards providing alternatives to the ever so famous Oculus Rift.
In a nutshell, what HTC offers with this package is almost identical to the Oculus Rift.
Almost identical specifications but i believe the HTC stands out as a more cost efficient option.

Enough said about the hardware.
Im here to tell you about my experience at VR LAB.
Being a first timer at VR, (excluding numerous times with my VR Box) i was excited to say the least. I've always wondered what the actual VR experience would be like and I have always wished that i could one day own the infamous Oculus Rift.

HAHAHAHAHAHA..... Never gonna happen!
So yeah,  i was all psyched out waiting for my turn. Ogling at the sight of the the HTC Vive right infront of me.

But before i show you what happened when i finally got my hands on them, let just go through what VR LAB has to offer and its prices / packages yeah?


With packages starting from RM 7.50 / hour during HAPPY HOUR which is from 10.00 am till 5.00 pm, im sure many of us will want to head on down to VR LAB and have a go. If all that still isnt enough for you, then sign up for a 10 hour bulk package or even a membership.

Want to share the experience and joy of VR with your family and friends?
Worried that there's isn't enough space for all of you? Especially if you have a HUGE Family?
Well... that is not an issue at all with VR LAB, not only do they have "twin rooms" that host 2 Monitors along with 2 HTC Vive units. They are also able link all these room together for some "Multiplayer" fun!

Enough said, it's time to Get Up, Get Dressed & Head on Over to VR LAB for the experience of a lifetime!

For those of you who are interested, you can find out more at:

Website : VR LAB Malaysia
Facebook: VR LAB SS2
Instagram: @VRLABSS2


Anyone of their outlets :

VR LAB Bandar Sunway
VR LAB Manjalara Kepong
VR LAB Kota Damansara
VR LAB Wangsa Maju
VR LAB Publika

Remember i told you i would show you what happened during my first try?

Well, here you are.... ENJOY!
P/S: I did way better in the next TRY! HAHAHAHA....

A special Thank you to VR LAB Malaysia Berhad for the Opportunity!!!

Modern yet Contemporary,
A Provocative Mixture of Style & Comfort,
Mimicking London's Best Designed Cafe's

Thats exactly what you'll find at Scrummy Restaurant & Cafe.

What do we look for in a Restaurant or Cafe? 
Personally, it isnt always about the ambience, food or presentation. There should always be a PERFECT balance of all these aspects.

That is exactly the impression i had of Scrummy the moment i walked in. A very spacious layout with a Contemporary English feel, with enough elbow room and a well spaced out seating arrangement that allows for a much more private dining experience.

I was greeted and ushered to my table by the Restaurant Manager. (Something you would expect from a 5STAR Hotel or Food and Beverage Outlet).
The moment i sat myself down, something caught my eye, at the very right corner was a properly laid out set of cutlery for the evening's food ensamble. 
Being an ex-hotelier myself, i was intrigued at it's very sight simply because it's not something i get to see everyday (Proper dining cutlery setup and etiquette just isnt the norm these days).

At this point, i'm already content.

Let's talk about what's on the menu shall we?

Catering mostly to the Western Palate, Scrummy Restaurant & Cafe does also accommodate the Asian Tongue (if you know what i mean). A wide selection (more than 80 to be exact) of Western, Local as well as Oriental Cuisine is available on the menu. for you to choose from 

With the Chinese New Year Season right around the corner, Scrummy will also be serving a Chinese New Year Set Menu.



Looks and tastes absolutely spot on! to say the least. 
Though the real test of an establishment's Culinary Capabilities lies with it's Western Cuisine, I must say that Scrummy's Asian Menu is on Par with or even better than numerous other Hotels.

Scrummy's Western Menu in one of THE BEST i have tasted in a long time, especially considering the affordable price point they offer.
Everything on the menu was exemplary by my standards. Juicy, Mouthwatering Steaks and Home made Grilled Burgers are my cup of tea! Each bite left me wanting more....more....more....

Priced between RM 19.90 - RM 29.90 it is more than affordable considering the portion, passion and hard work put into its overall taste and presentation. 
Rib Eye Steak - Medium Rare

Rib Eye Steak
Prime Sirloin Steak
Scrummy Chicken Chop
Mouth Watering "Meleleh" Beef Burger
"Meleleh" Chicken Burger
Right about now, many of you would already be drooling all over your keyboards right? HAHAHAHAHA....

Need i say more about the fantastic FOOD in store at Scrummy?

Owwh yes, did i mention that they have an array of KILLER desserts? One of which happens to be my all time favourite! 
RED VELVET!!!! - Scrummy's rendition of the "Red Velvet" is to die for i tell you. I simply could not have enough of it!
Sooooo moist and flavourful, though it was a little on the sweet side. Nevertheless i had more than one serving. HEHEHEHE...




Cant wait to get your hands on them?? Go on over to Scrummy and feast to your hearts delight. Better still, why not enjoy the good times with Family, Friends & Colleagues.
Scrummy Restaurant & Cafe is capable of accommodating a total of 200 pax, which means that you can also book the premises for the following :
  • Corporate Lunches / Dinners
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Product Launches
  • Fashion Shows
  • Company Annual Dinners
  • Themed Parties
  • Hi-tea Buffet
For further information on their menu, services or to make a booking. 
Scrummy Restaurant & Cafe can be contacted at:

Scrummy Restaurant & Cafe





Open : Monday – Saturday (8.00 am – 10.00pm)

Closed : Sunday*

*Available for function only

P/S: For all you anti-social people out there, Scrummy also offers FREE WIFI to all their Patrons.

Till next time.... Adios Folks.

"Wangikanlah Hatimu" 
The latest single sung by none other than the legendary Noraniza Idris alongside a young and upcoming star Tyka.

Categorised as a song under the genre of "Irama Malaysia" which carries a Pop - Ethnic / Creative sort of feel.
Wangikanlah Hatimu promises a new beginning to a genre that has faded away over time.

The Song which is produce by the Queen of Ethnic Pop herself - Noraniza Idris Production Venture Sdn Bhd is due to be launched simultaneously on Social Media as it is being sung "Live" in front of an audience at the Grand Finale of "3 Juara" this Sunday (15th January 2017) at 9.00 PM.

A brief introduction to the TWO powerful & versatile voices behind Wangikanlah Hatimu:
Noraniza Idris :
  • Sang at Wedding functions throughout her early years.
  • Caught a break after she participated in Bintang RTM in the mid 80's.
  • She is also the founder of the "Traditional Pop" genre.
  • Has a total of 32 years EXPERIENCE in the MUSIC INDUSTRY!

  • Started singing at the age of 5.
  • Finalist of  the reality TV Show "Seiras Seirama" produced by Astro.
  • Runner-up at "Bintang Klasik Kasih" 2015
  • Has a huge vocal range and sings POP songs with ease.
  • Has a total of 17 years Experience in the Music Industry.

I for one, am not a fan of local music but I am a fan of "Meaningful lyrics and Ethnic Pop" so i will be present to experience first hand the melody and lyrics.

For more information, please feel free to refer to the links below:

P/S : Lets all support and #saveiramamalaysia

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