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Lewis Cornish and Muhd Habibullah Wins Top Podium Spot Based on Moto 1 Results.

⇀ Race juries cancelled Moto 2 due to safety concerns caused by a thunderstorm.
⇀ Malaysia’s Muhd Habibullah returns strongly to track after a round of hiatus due to a lung
     puncture in a Motocross event.
⇀ Fourth ranking S1GP rider Simon Vilhelmsen’s challenged top riders Lewis Cornish, 
⇀ Trakarn    Thangthong and Khairi Zakaria in every round.
⇀ First race in Singapore features a unique track with 100% asphalt and 18 tight corners.
⇀ Lewis and Habibullah lead Moto 1 with stunning performance, distancing themselves from the             pack.
⇀ Simon Vilhelmsen faced a persistent front-brake problem and dropped out from Moto 1.

KRANJI, SINGAPORE, 10 DECEMBER 2017Singapore welcomed its inaugural FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship with a bright morning. However, a treacherous track awaited the riders with a full asphalt 18 tight corner race at the KF1 Karting Circuit proved to be difficult for some riders. This would mean that a holeshot will most likely determine the front-runner given that the rider makes little mistakes during the race.

While United Kingdom’s Lewis Cornish, Thailand’s Trakarn Thangthong and Malaysia’s Khairi Zakaria maintained their outstanding performance on the track, returning champion Malaysia’s Muhd Habibullah set ablaze the track with a strong comeback after a severe Motocross injury in October 2017.

The pressure to secure the top spot also catapult with Denmark’s S1GP rider, Simon Vilhelmsen, and Japan’s Yasushi Matsumoto, who have stunned the crowd and riders upon entering the track for the Free Practice session in the morning.

Qualifying and SuperChrono Report
The Qualifying race that started shortly after the Free Practice session began at a slower pace. Muhd Habibullah was the first to enter the track, followed by Trakan and Khairi. However, the rhythm on track was transformed immediately after Lewis’ entry that has proven to be a threat to secure the best lap time.

Muhd Habibullah was seen to be familiarizing the track at the first 20 minutes of Qualifying and resumed to his usual self with a drastic improvement in his positioning from the eighth place to the third position. Habibullah completed the Qualifying round with the best lap time of 49.559.

On the other hand, Lewis and Khairi maintained their top performance at the Qualifying session, completing the top two spots with a best lap time of 49.129 and 49.180 respectively.

The top 6 qualifiers competed in the SuperChrono race was a show stopper. With the tracks clear from other bikes, it quickly became a playground for the riders to surf through the track. SuperChorno marked the fastest lap time seen throughout the day, as Lewis achieved an impressive fastest lap time of 48.384.

Lewis’ well-strategised race supported by his team Kenny Motorworks Tekmo Racing, conserved his energy for Moto 1 by surpassing Simon’s timing only when it is necessary.

The chase for the top 2 grid position between Lewis and Simon became a game of its own, while the remaining four riders – Khairi Zakaria, Muhd Habibullah, Trakarn Thangthong and Yasushi Matsumoto – tailed one another, waiting for an opportunity to overtake the front rider and secure a better lap time.

A notable action was spotted by Khairi Zakaria as he applies the ‘knee-out’ technique instead of the ‘leg-out’ technique usually practised by SuperMoto riders.

“I tried both techniques but the knee-out technique gave more stability for my bike. The steep corners that would utilise the side of the wheels which do not have any grip causes the bike to slip and had to be balanced with the knee instead of the heel,” said Khairi.

The pole position was secured by Lewis, followed by Simon, Khairi, Habibullah, Trakarn and Yasushi.

Moto 1
The glorious sound of SuperMoto shook the grandstand of the KF1 Karting Circuit signalling a start to the first official race of the championship in Singapore. Scoreboard leader Lewis Cornish once again stole the holeshot which was the determining factor to lead the race. Knowing that Simon was a split second trailing behind, he cannot afford to make any mistake.

However, the Danish superstar rider took a toll on his first race as was struck by an unexpected front brake malfunction causing him to finish the race earlier than expected.

My front brake overheated and it stopped working. I returned to the pit twice hoping that this would solve the problem but it did not happen. It was really tough without the brakes.” said Simon.

We will replace the brake fluid, and we will have to try again. If this continues, I think it is just not my day today and will try my best the next round in Malaysia.

Lewis, on the other hand, expressed his happiness that Simon was out of the race as he was a challenging rival. “Coming into the second lap, I knew that he was facing some difficulty with his bike, causing him to fall behind. But I continued to distant the gap from the other riders, especially with the rest catching up.”

Lewis Cornish completed a total of 28 laps with the best lap time of 48.509 and a total time of 23:31.018.

Behind the UK rider was Malaysia’s ace Muhd Habibullah who was still recuperating from his injury. At the beginning of the race, was caught in a four-way battle with Japan’s Yasushi Matsumoto, Thailand’s Trakarn Thangthong and his compatriot Khairi Zakaria, but the 2016 champion knew what he had to do to maintain his second position.

The wound still hurts, especially during the race. I did not perform well during the Free Practice, Qualifying and SuperChrono session. However, I was in luck that Yasushi, Khairi and Trakarn fell behind at the first corner, and soon after distant themselves from me,” said Habibullah.

When asked about his injury and performance for Moto 2, he quickly said that hopefully he will be able to bear the pain and will have the same momentum as Moto 1. “It was the feeling after distancing myself from the pack that gave me more confidence to maintain my position. I sincerely hope that this injury will not be a problem in Moto 2.”
Muhd Habibullah completed the race with a total of 28 laps, the best lap time of 49.286 and a total time of 23:43.105.

Khairi was not pleased with the result as Yasushi continually blocked him throughout the whole race. “He blocked my path a few times, and with Trakarn right behind taking his chances to surpass, this created more tension throughout the race.

However, with 26 laps into the race, Trakarn saw an opening and took his chance against Khairi. It succeeds, and landed him the fourth in the grid for Moto 2.

The track is concise with many tight turns, making it hard to pass Khairi and Yasushi.

I was happy that I finally passed Khairi, and hope that I can once again be leading the race.

When asked about his under-performed race compared to the previous rounds in Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan, he uttered that the track and the riders’ performance put on a lot of pressure on him. “It makes a difference when the riders are performing well today. Plus, this is a very challenging yet fun track, and I really enjoyed it. I hope that I will have a good start in Moto 2 to improve my performance.”

Trakarn Thangthong completed with a total of 28 laps, the best lap time of 49.353 and a total time of 23:48.437; while Khairi Zakaria completed Moto 1 with 28 laps, the best lap time of 49.445, and a total time of 23:48.565.
Japan’s Yasushi Matsumoto was given a 20-second penalty for riding off-track, and will begin from the fifth on grid in Moto 2.

Moto 2
The torrential downpour accompanied with lightning that came immediately after the grid line-up has forced the juries and organiser to cancel Moto 2. This decision was made due to the rider’s safety concerns.

Results and standing points are based on Moto 1’s result, crowning United Kingdom’s Lewis Cornish the 2017 FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship – Singapore’s Open International Class Champion. While Malaysia’s Muhd Habibullah takes the top Asian Class podium spot for the first time this season.
The final round of the 2017 FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship will commence at Bukit Jalil, Malaysia, on 16 and 17 December 2017.

For more information, visit

FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship is organised by E-Plus Global Sdn Bhd; promoted by Asia Supersports Group; sanctioned by FIM Asia and Motor Sports Singapore; and supported by Malaysia Major Events, a division of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (an agency under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia), Malay Mail, Kelab Blogger Ben Ashaari, and TX Sports.

Qualifying Result:
PosNo.NationalNameLapsBest TimeTotal Time
18GBRLEWIS CORNISH749.12911:26.532
232MASKHAIRI ZAKARIA949.1808:27.977
31MASMUHD HABIBULLAH2349.55928:06.676
45THATRAKARN THANGTHONG1449.62915:14.755
584JPNYASUSHI MATSUMOTO1249.82823:19.036
664DENSIMON VILHELMSEN549.93915:48.725
797RUSARTEM TESLENKO1750.13528:08.136
82SGPERIC CHIA950.66916:13.263
977SGPHASROY OSMAN1450.95228:14.810
107INAPEDRO WUNER753.13015:22.334
1140TWNLEE WEI1253.23315:24.470
12102HKGTSANG WAI KEI1853.81428:35.096
13720TWNLIN CHIN PEI254.61013:34.168
1427CHNSUN TONG854.91913:38.454
DQ101JPNTAKASHI SASAKI253.95720:32.824
SuperChrono Result:
PosNo.NationalNameBest Lap Time
Moto 1 Result:
PosNo.NationalNameLapsBest TimeTotal Time
18GBRLEWIS CORNISH2848.50923:31.018
21MASMUHD HABIBULLAH2849.28623:43.105
35THATRAKARN THANGTHONG2849.35323:48.437
432MASKHAIRI ZAKARIA2849.44523:48.565
584JPNYASUSHI MATSUMOTO2849.60224:08.164
62SGPERIC CHIA2750.73023:34.507
797RUSARTEM TESLENKO2750.47023:44.962
877SGPHASROY OSMAN2750.86124:06.610
9101JPNTAKASHI SASAKI2652.62123:10.725
107INAPEDRO WUNER2653.02123:58.855
11102HKGTSANG WAI KEI2653.25123:59.134
1240TWNLEE WEI2652.93623:59.558
1327CHNSUN TONG2554.74323:37.195
14720TWNLIN CHIN PEI2554.44324:09.374

Open - International Class Podium Finishers
Asian Class Podium Finishers

Friday, 8 December 2017


Tight Race Expected on 960m KF1 Circuit in Kranji

KRANJI, SINGAPORE, 8 DECEMBER 2017 – Singapore may be the smallest country in Southeast Asia, but holds a great potential in hosting motorsport events and will be the home to the 2017 FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship’s penultimate round. Happening on Sunday, 10 December 2017, at the KF1 Karting Circuit, the track will be set ablaze with riders utilising this opportunity to secure as many points as possible before the final race in Malaysia next weekend.
“Our tour around the region has opened our eyes to the potential of SuperMoto’s growth in Asia. 
Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan, followed by the upcoming Singapore and Malaysia round, will determine the champion of the sport in Asia. 

We also hope that the fans will cherish every opportunity to witness some of the greatest two-wheel battles in the championship before the 2017 season comes to an end,” said Andrew Ching, CEO of E-Plus Global Sdn Bhd.

The KF1 Karting Circuit at 960-metres long, is the longest go-kart track in Singapore. Designed by renowned F1 track designer, Hermann Tilke, the facility is home to more than hundreds of racers and kart fanatics in the country. The track is also the world’s first and only dual direction circuit, and also has the capability to convert itself into two smaller track configurations to run multiple races simultaneously.
Without any modification to the track for the Singapore round, the 100% asphalt circuit will be unique to Singapore for the championship. Comprising of 18 corners with a few long straights, the bikes can achieve a top speed of 110kmph, especially after the final turn whilst bolting to the finish line. 

Looking at the previous rounds, this will give current Championship leader Lewis Cornish from the United Kingdom an advantage to lead the pack as he continuously dominates the asphalt section of the races since the start of the season.
For more information, visit Worldwide live streaming is also available on powered by E-Plus Global Sdn Bhd.
FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship is organised by E-Plus Global Sdn Bhd; promoted by Asia Supersports Group; sanctioned by FIM Asia and supported by Malaysia Major Events, a division of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (an agency under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia), Malay Mail, Kelab Blogger Ben Ashaari, and TX Sports.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Jom Kitak Pergi Bako Lok! (Bako National Park, Sarawak!)

Kitak apa khabar tek?

Everybody ready to follow me on my Sarawak Adventure Day 2? LETS GO!

After enjoying glorious seafood the night before, i guess it's time for me to shed all those extra calories. Read about day 1 HERE.
So my second day in Sarawak was one that i was truly looking forward to, simply because from a very young age I have been fascinated with nature and spent quite a fair bit of time in the forest. 

There was a time when i was stationed in the dense forest of Endau Rompin National Park for almost two months, which almost resulted in me being married of to the Village Chiefs daughter. LOL.... Almost....

Anyway, back to Sarawak and Bako National Park.... 
Bako National Park is one of the oldest national parks in Borneo, it was declared a National Park way back in 1957.

The park, although fairly small in size (27.27 square kilometers) has a myriad of different flora and fauna with approximately 25 distinct types of vegetation which translate into 7 complete ecosystems.
Beach vegetation, cliff vegetation, kerangas or heath forest, mangrove forest, mixed dipterocarp forest, padang or grasslands vegetation and peat swamp forest.

Bako National Park is also home to some very rare and endangered species. One such animal is the Proboscis Monkey or as the locals call it Monyet Belanda which roughly translates as "Dutch Monkey" or "The Dutchman". There are approximately 150 of these endangered Proboscis Monkeys in Bako. These Monkeys are also endemic to Borneo.

Other species of wildlife here include the long-tailed macaque, silvered langur, plantain squirrel, Bornean bearded pig, monitor lizards, and otters.

From Kuching, it's approximately 40 kilometers to Kampung Bako followed by a 20 minute boat ride to the park office / entrance where you will have to wade from the boat to the beach.
At the beach you will be received by a large sandstone formation. These sandstone formations are formed due to hundreds or even millions of years of erosion.

Whats even more amazing is the fact that with a little imagination, you'll be able to notice things like the peninsular of Malaysia, a dancer and even a butterfly. As if it were etched into the formation.

We got ourselves registered at the park office before we were given a briefing by the ever so friendly park guide "Ijam".

Whilst he was explaining on the history and overview of the National Park, he had also mentioned that we would be lucky to see the "Proboscis Monkey". Then something AMAZING happen!!!!
Right behind where we were being briefed, a Proboscis Monkey appears as if to affirm our hopes of seeing one! It was truly an awesome moment to be able to see one up close.

After a brief photo session with our guest of honor, we set off on our excursion throughout the park (well actually only a brief trek due to time constraints)

About 200 meters into the trek, we were once again treated to a magnificent sight, what was it this time you're wondering? Well if you ask me, it kind of looks like those dwarves from "The Hobbit" lol...

There were two of them feeding of the vegetation to the left and right of our path! The bearded wild boar!

Did you know that you can event rent chalets here so that you can enjoy all that Bako has to offer? 
Yes! you can, and their not too shabby as well. 
Decent accommodation in the heart of such a beautiful place, what more could you ask for?!

Anyways, lets get back on track shall we.

Moving on, here's where it gets really interesting....

No....No.... Not this mischievous creature....

I meant the trek on towards our ultimate destination (at that point in time) Teluk Paku Beach!
The trek was somewhat a novice trek with slippery sections and some slightly steep inclines, all in all a very fun trek. Slow paced but brisk enough to break a sweat (buckets of it... lol).

I didn't take many photos at this point because the route was rather slippery and had a lot of jagged rocks, but i did however record some videos throughout with an action cam strapped to my chest (which i'll show you at the end of this.... P/s: I meant the video, not my chest ;) )

Towards the end of our trek, the weather started to change and there were really strong gusts of wind but it didn't stop us from pushing forward! Boy was it worth it! the sigh of relief as we approached what seemed to be light at the end of a tunnel.

There it was staring us in the face, such majestic beauty! The Teluk Paku beach was simply amazing!
Waves hitting the shore and a private beach surrounded by lush greenery and sandstone cliffs. It truly felt like we were a part of some National Geographic production.

Us being the "Happy Go Lucky" bunch never ever turned down a photo opportunity. So after taking a million selfie's and wefie's, it was already time for us to depart back. The weather had also changed and a downpour had already started.

Before I end my adventure for day 2, as promised here's a short video of our trip from start to finish.

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” – Anais Nin

Until next time... Bon Voyage...

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

MPay Prepaid Mastercard And MPay Wallet - To Target Lower Income Group.

Today a milestone was achieved by Managepay Systems Berhad (MPay Group) as they signed a partnership with Kelab Sahabat Persaudaraan (KSP) to initiate the development of a Unity inspired Digital Economic Lifestyle program.

The program which has received full support from the Prime Minister's Office in September 2017 is being lead by MPay Group and has since given birth to the Mpay Wallet and Mpay Prepaid Mastercard respectively. Aptly themed "Negaraku", this initiative is inline with the vision of TN50 to foresee formidable growth and National Transformation by the year 2050. 

Through the Exclusive Co-operation and Appointment of KSP, the club plans to seriously implement this program with the goal of linking the Government, People and Registered Bodies such as NGO's whilst working towards the betterment of  the "rakyat's" well being and welfare.

The joint venture with Managepay Systems Berhad not only allows the people to move towards a cashless era but also allows a smoother transaction when it comes to funds transfer, bill payment, mobile prepaid recharge and online shopping. As an added benefit, users of this program will also be able to enjoy discounts, coupons and gift cards.

Since the prepaid card is a Mastercard, it means that it can be utilize to make purchases or withdrawals anywhere in the world, this makes travel and miscellaneous expenditure a lot easier.

As for now, the main concern of KSP and MPay is to lessen the burden of those in the lower income category by seeking out sponsorship's for daily household items and groceries. Sounds complicated right? Well, it isn't all that complicated actually.

Here's a small example of what their goals are and how the "Rakyat" can benefit from the program.

Person A : Has a low household income and needs at least 20 kilograms of rice monthly to feed his / her family.

NGO or Registered Body (i.e. Poverty Eradication Foundation Malaysia - Hati) : Convey the information and requirements of "Person A" to KSP, Mpay and the Governmetn via the program.

How the program helps:
- Seek out sponsorship's and / or discounts from vendors / producers.
(i.e 20% off for a 20kg bag of rice -  Priced at RM 40.00)
- Provide this discount to "Person A" in the form of credit in their prepaid Mastercard.
( 20% off RM 40.00 = RM 8.00)
- Person A is now able to purchase the same 20kg bag of rice for RM 32.00 instead of RM 40.00.
- Plus they get an additional RM 8.00 (from the discount / sponsorship received) added to their Mastercard.

In a nutshell, The MPay Prepaid Mastercard joint venture program with KSP aims to provide a new avenue for the lower income groups to enjoy everyday necessities at a cheaper price whilst allowing the the additional spending power to purchase other daily household goods.

If you ask me personally, some one should have come up with this idea long ago because this will truly change the lives of those in need and probably help to decrease poverty as a whole.

I hope you found this informative and helpful.


Saturday, 25 November 2017

Power Puff Girls & Ben 10 Comes To Life At Lost World Of Tambun.


With the school holidays just around the corner, what better way to spend time with the family than going to The Lost World of Tambun.
This time round, LWOT will be bringing our favorite childhood cartoon characters The Power Puff Girls and Ben 10 to life.

From today till the 1st of January, Guests will be amazed by the beautiful 20-foot-tall Christmas
tree at the Malayana Village, and the epic decorations, inflatables and statues of The
Powerpuff Girls and Ben 10 decorations at Toon City, Riverside. There will be exciting games
such as Giant Jenga, Giant Snakes & Ladders, Giant Slingshot, Shuttle Smash, Wheel of
Power and Slow & Steady, that will test coordination.

Want to meet and greet PPG and Ben10?
Well LWOT has you covered because there will be a total of 4 meet and greet sessions held daily all throughout the promotion period. An Awesome Pool Party will also be held at the Jungle Wave Bay featuring Bubble, Blossom, Buttercup and Ben10.

There will be special treats in store as well like cartoon network inspired popcorn and cotton candy. Let's not forget all the awesome merchandise and memorabilia available at the POW  shop during this campaign.

LWOT will also be giving out a total of 1000 Lost World POW tickets in balloons during the campaign. Each ticket allows you to bring up to 4 guests. Cool right? what's even better is the fact that you can redeem these tickets anytime during the campaign. Now you can bring along the whole family to enjoy LWOT throughout the school holidays.

“Spending time together outdoors with family and friends is precious, so fitting in quality time
is priority. With this special time of the year, we are bringing in these all-time-favourite cartoon
characters that will bring life to LWOT! This is truly the place to be for those who want to
unwind and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, reconnect with nature and
more importantly, each other,” said Nurul Nuzairi Bin Mohd Azahari, General Manager of Lost
World Of Tambun.

I remember how much I enjoyed LWOT when i was there in September. It's truly a wonderful experience that shouldn't be missed. I enjoyed Glamping there for 2 nights amidst the lush greenery and awesome scenery.

The theme park and surrounding areas make for a very adventures holiday too.
The petting zoo at Hippo Kingdom and the 6th mile cave were among my favourite! Let's not forget the amazing natural hot spring as well.

LWOT together with its strategic transportation partner, ETS KTMB is currently organizing
LWOT-ETS Selfie Contest from now until 31 December 2017. 
Participants will have to take a photo at any of Lost World POW Holiday poster and standee at 6 ETS stations located at KL Sentral, Gemas, Ipoh, Sungai Petani, Butterworth and Padang Besar and post the picture with the ETS ticket ID on the website at

One weekly winner will take home the 2D1N stay in Lost World Glamping for two adults and two children as well as a return ETS train ticket to Padang Besar
Ten weekly consolation prizes for four (4) Lost World Of Tambun entrance tickets (two adult ticket and two children tickets) will be up for grabs too.

So what are you waiting for? start planning your holiday now and take advantage of the great offers that await you ath The Lost World Of Tambun!

For more information, log on to the website at
or its Facebook page at or by calling the park
at +605 542 8888.

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